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10 Looping Artists You Need to Know About

10 Looping Artists You Need to Know AboutFrom mainstream to fringe, these are artists whose wizardry is worth watching –says Mister Tim

Looping has gone wide. Maybe not completely mainstream, but there are a lot of artists making their way as solo loopers, and a lot of bands and artists using loops as an integral part of their shows.

These are the loopers I think you should know about. Some are popular, some are up-and-coming, some are, well, just amazing.

(If I missed your favorite loopers: please comment at the end – tell me the loopers that you love – and why!)

1. Ed Sheeran – Looping Gone Mainstream!
I knew Top 40 artist Sheeran started out looping but I had assumed he picked up a full band once he got famous. Apparently he still tours solo with his looper. Cool.

2. Grace McLean – Looped Jazz
The closest I’ve seen to looped jazz. She plays to her vocal strengths to create some very clever sounds.

3. Reggie Watts – Performance Magic
Looping as performance art. Besides being one of the gnarliest freeform improvisers out there, I love how much he gets out of minimal-but-solid loops.

4. Zoe Keating – Cello Loops
Extraordinary contemporary art music from a masterful cellist. Automated via Ableton Live, there are layers within layers. Wow.

5. Beardyman – Bending Time & Space
Beardy has been on a quest to bend technology, and the laws of space, time, and/or physics, to the whims of his boundless imagination. Huge tech rig that I cannot even begin to understand. His beatboxing sound effects are unreal, and his vocal abilities are underappreciated.

6. tUnE-yArDs – Band Expansion
Merrill Garbus started as a solo looper and has developed an evolving band sound that relies on looping as band expansion and sonic expression. Alternative, yes, and not everyone’s cup of tea, but I can’t get enough.

7. Bernhoft – Songwriter & Looper
Flawless looping and great songwriting. Songwriter loopers who are not interested in electronic or dance music, this guy is your captain.

8. Keller Williams – Loop Control & Chaos
A prolific musician who weaves his looping into his multi-instrument shows. I love how he surfs the line between control and chaos.

9. Julia Easterlin – Looping Textures
Great singing turned into thoughtful and beautiful textures. Vocal loopers should study the way she uses long phrases, controlled tone, restraint and space to create powerful songs.

10. Dub FX – An Early Looping Star
One of the earliest mega-breakthrough youtube looping stars, famous for his solo work, now looping with a full band.

There are many more great loopers… who are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!


Mister Tim www.mistertimdotcom.com is a published composer, award-winning recording artist, and in-demand performer, teacher & performance coach. In addition to an active performing and touring schedule with his solo vocal live-looping/beatbox shows, Mister Tim sings with Boulder, CO-based Celtic Rock band Delilah’s Revenge, manages the… Read More

  • Lani

    I think Kawehi is worth a mention :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMNIvLiCnw8

  • dcsiszer

    The Loop Queen Theresa Andersson…..


  • George Lawton

    Great collection! I’d add Tammy Scheffer who performs solo and with the group Morning Bound.




  • Deb Edwards
  • theTim

    Deb, YES. This tune was the single most influential song for me as I began looping. Brilliant. I chose not to include Ms. Heap in the 10 because a) I had to limit it to 10 (FWIW she was #11) and b) based on the last couple of times I’ve seen her live, she does not use looping as a major or integral part of her performances. I tried to include looping artists, not artists who have used looping. -Mister Tim

  • theTim

    I had never heard of her! Very interesting stuff. Thanks for the great suggestion.

  • theTim

    Although I don’t think I intended to, it seems my list of 10 includes artists who are performing and live (and with video from stage or performance studio), and artists who are performing original songs. Kawehi certainly has a lot of YouTube views, and maybe we should do another list of YT and cover artists. Thanks for the addition!

  • Mutis Mayfield

    From Robert Fripp to KT tunstall over Kid beyond… There are lost of “loop stars” most of them using it as tool most than goal.

  • Deb Edwards

    It’s a great list Tim, I particularly love 6, 7 and 9. Thanks!

  • Bruno Ricard

    No David Torn? Fail ;)

  • Great post, here is another awesome looper… https://youtu.be/-AINboDsJVA

  • fts10

    This one’s missing from this list:

  • Brendan Albert

    I list of loopers would not be complete without Alissa Vox Raw, she is based in Toronto but plays throughout Canada and the States. Its pure and its powerful, such great songs and am amazing voice. Worth checking out: http://www.alissavoxraw.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/alissavoxrawmusic

  • theTim

    Not bad, some interesting stuff.

  • theTim

    Just because a looper is your favorite does not mean everyone else loves them… or has even heard of them. Who is David Torn? What video should we watch of his to see his best work? What makes him, in your mind, essential?

  • theTim

    Very nice. Any live performance video?

  • Dave Stergo

    Imogen Heap certainly deserves to be up there with all these guys. I she has been doing it for a long time. The live looped version of just for now is preferable to the album version imho.

  • Dave Stergo

    Also she is a long time Voicelive 1 user.

  • Dave Stergo

    As far as looping tools she does currently do live looping using Ableton Live in preference to the old Electrix Repeater. She used to use more of.

  • musicglenn
  • Monk

    Other Great loop artist, Amazing thay are MONKhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxGFmYOU0DQ

  • Ludovicah

    You missed out the mighty Jordan Reyne! http://www.jordanreyne.com

  • JB_Music

    Look up Boxwood…one of the most talented looping artists out there.

  • Colleen Williams

    Hello! My fiance, Jason Gordon, is amazing! Check him out. I really think you’ll enjoy it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpcBi93ymnc or http://www.facebook.com/gordoentertainment

  • Scott Varney

    Such a great list!! Thank you, Here is a Plug for myself, I have been a loop artist since 2002, it’s been amazing to see how much things have grown since that time!! Here is a link to my website http://www.scottvarney.com and here is a link to my latest video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WTl1XcvG1A

  • Alessia Piermarini

    Hi Mister Tim, good review.. but you at least missed two other great ones… Kymbra and …. Myself!!!! Here’s Me, MyLoopStation & I (my brand new project- NO INSTRUMENTS, VOCALS ONLY)


  • Sad Dogs On TV

    So mister Tim you’ve had a year of looper comments about people’s favorite loopers as you requested. Did you check them out? :)

  • Craig Hilterbrand

    Jack Garrett. Youngr. 2 loop artists better than anyone on this list!!!!

  • IReadPapers4aLiving

    Doing it since the early 90’s, Vinx!!!

  • Fluid

    Digged the tUnE-yArDs song. Also nice performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBxcC8zV46E

  • Sad Dogs On TV

    Looping artist Boxwood performing at Culture Room and opening up for Bright Light Social Hour and LeBlorr. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQZoZXH_ygI

  • William Dakota Gibbs

    I was curious if you have an idea of what DAW or instruments these loop artists are using?

  • William Dakota Gibbs
  • William Dakota Gibbs

    What are you looping this with?

  • Vicky Burdick

    I really like pop violinist David Gerald Sutton from Minneapolis MN. His creative loops are future film scores in the making!

  • Kha Z
  • Kha Z

    ups, I forgot to thank for the new discoveries. Great ones!

  • Cindy Young-West

    Tash Sultana!

  • Freya Astrella

    Yes! She’s amazing

  • Jo Janzen

    How is K.T Tunstall not on this list? The original loop artist!

  • Jo Janzen

    K.T Tunstall

  • IReadPapers4aLiving

    I love KT Tunstall, but she broke onto the scene in 2004. Vinx’s first album came out in 1991.

  • Craig R Ninjah

    Rico Loop is one of the originators and best I have ever seen ! Also Mc Xander and yes Ben aka dub FX is super good

  • Christ McConnell
  • Mia Fellow

    Great musicians. And here is Zu Cello Sebkova

  • Mars_Bound_Soon

    Andrew Bird, Kishi Bashi, Owen Pallett – all violin live loopers.


  • Shosh Clark

    Howie Day is the Master of looping and was Ed Sheehan inspiration.. He’s #1.. you obviously didn’t do the research!

  • Manu.da (NZ)

    From New Zealand. Won Young musician of the year NZ award. http://sheepdogandwolf.com/

  • Nash

    There is artist named “Anly” in Japan who is probably the best female loop artist in the world today! You have to see it to believe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ym4vsOlArJw

  • Melissa Cox

    I do looping if you’re keen to watch. I live in New Zealand. Celtic / World / folk electro-fusion. https://www.facebook.com/melissacoxmusic/videos/vl.1971214429865296/1659043830850097/?type=1

  • Rob S.

    Billy Mickelson is incredible!! Check out ThirdSeven. https://youtu.be/eJ3H0Njb1As

  • Rob S.

    dammit wrong link. this is ThirdSeven https://youtu.be/n-UUuBXJUIE

  • Rob S.

    Tash Sultana is another amazing artist https://youtu.be/Vn8phH0k5HI

  • jhill762


  • L

    what about The Ending To This Story? that guy is amazing!