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10 Reasons Singing Makes Us Happy

10 Reasons Singing Makes Us Happy
Have you reminded yourself lately why you love to sing? -asks Lisa Popeil

Why does singing make us happy? I’m not sure if anyone knows for sure, but here are some ideas…

Woman Singing

1. Everyone

Everyone  can already sing (which is a real plus), so learning to be better at it is not as difficult as learning to play any other musical instrument. Humans LOVE a challenge and singing is actually quite an accomplishable one.

Woman Breathing

2. Oxygenation

Anytime we breathe deeply, we oxygenate our brains and that makes us feel more alive.


3. Great Sense of Self

Singing high pitches is like playing Frisbee with our voice so we sense ourselves as expansive, filling space, projecting ourselves into the world, having an impact.


4. Exploration

Songs explore human stories and emotions. By singing happy songs, sad songs, love songs, yearning songs, we get to role-play and step outside ourselves for a few minutes. Like getting a vacation for our lives for a brief time.


5. Tuning?

Perhaps singing tunes our auras.


6. Fascination

Our brains love new information. Exposure to new songs, singers, vocal styles is fascinating, entertaining and stimulating all at the same time.


7. Endorphins

Some research shows that endorphins are released when we sing. They’re our ‘happy’ chemicals.


8. The Tribal Feeling

Singing in harmony, attuning our voices with others, creates a tribal feeling of well-being. We can do ‘our own thing’, but still can create beauty with others.


9. Deep Spirituality?

Might singing somehow be related to patterns of wave-energy thereby connecting us in a deep, spiritual way to the universe?


10. Special Memories

Singing takes us back to special memories, good times and meaningful events, connecting us in a special way with our own past.

It’s been great being your Vocal Coach in Residence the past two months – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Here are Gina’s Reactions to the Peer Review Vids

Kevin Laurence Kevin Laurence – She’s Always a Woman To Me (Cover)

Kevin, you have believable, soul-filled sound. I like the raspy edge to your voice, but occasionally the sound gets a little too nosey. Try lifting your soft palate (the soft part of the roof of your mouth where that thing hangs down) to keep the sound rounder. Interestingly, the extra-nasality isn’t related to a particular range of notes. So, the best way fix the issue is to listen to your recordings and then practice lifting your soft palate on the parts where you hear the extra nasality (it’ll sound nosey and a little like you have a cold). Very nice performance!

Maya Jacobs Maya Jacobs – Wagon Wheel (Cover)

Maya, you’ve got a sweet, strong sound. You use your voice well – your jaw and face positions are awesome in facilitating your resonance. I enjoy your phrasing, as well, as it feels really natural and speechlike. I’d love to understand your words more, so enunciate just the slightest bit more clearly. Also, you look a little hunched over — which not only makes your performance feel “smaller” than it is, but also makes it harder for your voice to be produced. Although things sound great, they will feel even easier if you adjust your posture.

Lisa Popeil, MFA in Voice, is a top LA voice coach, voice scientist and researcher, contributor to the ‘Oxford Handbook of Singing’, is a voting member of NARAS (Grammys®), creator of the Voiceworks® Method, the ‘Total Singer’ DVD and a new book ‘Sing Anything-Mastering Vocal Styles’ and has taught voice professionally for over 35 years. www.popeil.com

Co-author with Lisa Popeil of Sing Anything: Mastering Vocal Styles is Gina Latimerlo. Gina will be commenting on our Peer Review Videos for the next 8 weeks.

Gina Latimerlo is a polished performer of over 20 years. Teaching and directing since 1995, she opened The Latimerlo Studio in 1998. Her students have performed on Broadway, in touring companies, and have signed with talent agents and record labels. In addition to the main studio, The Latimerlo Studio oversees private voice teachers in over a dozen cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. www.latimerlo.com

  • Great read here! Thanks!

  • Cathy Hallessey

    Loved this! Thanks :)

  • Jeanné Hall

    Singing does not make me happy at all. In fact, there are times it makes me feel worse!

    Everybody keeps telling me I’m great, but I never get paid, even though I have a music degree. But I don’t teach, do music therapy, work in a music store, or play an instrument. I just sing.

    All my life I kept hoping some talent scout would hear me and offer me a recording contract. But it never came. And how many talent scouts come to church?

    As a kid, the only time I was appreciated was when I sang. The rest of the time I’d be bullied. This was at a time when autism was unheard of- I knew I was different, I just didn’t know why. But that’s no excuse for bullying- especially in a so-called “Christian Day School!” I’ll never forgive them for doing so- all of them, peers, teachers- they should have known better! Aren’t Christians supposed to help the less fortunate? I never got any!

    Later, when I was doing choir work, whenever I tried other activities at church and fail, or if I express my thoughts on anything, it was always, “you can’t do this; you can’t say that; you can’t say that! Go back to the choir; stick to just music; you have a beautiful voice!”

    So now I associate singing with being stupid.

    But it’s the only thing I can do well.

    I tried to quit singing, but I always end up returning to it. In doing so I keep hoping things will get better, that somehow someone will take notice and I’ll be able to record and do concerts.

    But that’s never happened.

    And I never ask to be paid for singing in church. The answer’s always, “It’s not in the budget; you’re singing to praise God; singing is praying twice!”

    I wish I could sing sad songs or angry songs in church and shake my fist at God and everyone else! I don’t have any desire to praise God, but I’m stuck and miserable!