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*200th Peer Review* – Lawrence Trailer – Take It To The Heart

Lawrence was one of the first to post a video on Peer Review and for our 200th Video he shares what he’s been up to since then:

Currently I’m in preproduction to record my first full production album, Declaration, with producer/engineer Dave Clauss, www.DaveClauss.com. Performing my original music is still and will always be my main objective.

Posting my video on Peer Council and helped tremendously! I’ve met a lot of contacts and gotten a great deal of advice and constructive criticism. It truly is a phenomenal tool to help any vocalist who wants to make music their career.

  • This was a fantastic idea Lawrence.  Haha, brave and beautiful!  The green trees, truth of character in your voice, and the audio of your atmosphere make this freakin’ awesome.  I love hearing the rambling souls or brids chirping as you compete with your surroundings.  It makes this one of my favorite videos ever to show up on the Peer Reviews.  You couldn’t have planned this if you tried but go to 2:33 in the song…something whales in the background, n’ then all goes slient just before you sing “I was thinking bout myself…worried bout nobody else,” then that lady laughs in the background as if in retort to your lyric.  I love this!!!  Take it to the heart this time brother.  Good job!

  • Anonymous

    I like it!  This might be a little out of your range but keep at it.  You’re doing great!

  • KowBoy Tom

    Lawrence Trailer, this is an excellent video. You bring it all together, an excellent performance with a captivating environment. Well done. You are gifted on many levels. Keep going. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

    -KowBoy Tom