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3 Lessons for All Performing Singers

Leontine Hass Shares Insights on Hit Boy Opera-Pop Group Blake for All of Us.

The hit boy-opera-pop group Blake has taken a radical turn this year with the release of ‘Start Over’.

I went to their release event to see for myself what they were all about.

Singing. As a vocal coach, I was pleased to see three qualities in Blake that I hope young singers will take on board, firstly, they can sing. It is a general misconception these days that many pop artists are vocally challenged and owe their splendid vocals to a good sound engineer. It was immediately clear that the boys in Blake can all sing, and look after their voices, practice and care about their sound.

Egos. Secondly, there were no egos on that stage. All four supported each other. They gave each other attention just at the right time, created a mood as a group and yet one had a sense of their individual personalities. The vocal harmonies were excellent and beautifully executed, the tenors adjusted their voice qualities so as not to drown out or overpower the baritones.

Charisma. Thirdly, they can pull off a live gig. They sang well, they were charismatic, they had the audience in the palms of their hands and even if you did not love their music, one just could not help but warm to them. They have a classic, old-school charm of days gone by.

The Blake boys are so lovely and good at what they do, one has no desire to criticise them.

I was immediately struck by how approachable, charming and open they were.

It is not easy to mingle with a crowd many of whom will sit in judgement on you only minutes later.

The Blake boys handled this task impeccably. Not only did they manage to speak to many in the audience, they did so with sincerity and a sense of being genuinely interested in the person they were talking to. One cannot ask for better PR.

Room For Improvement?

If I were to voice one area in which I think there is room for improvement, I would say that I think they are currently better as live artists than recording artists. I enjoyed their show enormously and very much warmed to them as excellent performers and terrific people. I was a little disappointed in the album. I felt that the songs were too cliched. The instrumental was poorly produced and simply not musical enough. They would be much better off recording an album with a full orchestra behind them. They are good enough musicians to pull this off, to demand better arrangements, and more musical detail as well as more interesting texts and original songs which have a distinctive character, rather than ‘feel-good crooners’. This would be more in line with their own talent and finesse, which is significant and impressive.

Overall however, keep your eye on them. They have enough talent and personality to take them far!

-Leontine Hass