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3 Reasons for Singers to BEWARE of Looping

3 Reasons for Singers to BEWARE of Looping

Heed these warnings before you get sucked into the loophead vortex – says Mister Tim.

There’s no doubt that Looping has an instant allure and appeal. But, once you get past the basic stuff it starts to get complex.

I love puzzles, so the whole process of deconstructing a song and frolicking around in the guts of the music is appealing to me. But it may not be everyone’s cup of tea – here are some things to beware of…

  1. The loophead vortex. You and your loophead buddies are going to be positively chuffed by all the button mashing, but the common folk are not going to care or understand. They just want to hear good music. If the looping becomes more important than the music, your audience will become more not there anymore.
  2. Musicianship is laid bare

    Musicianship is laid bare

    There is a beastly learning curve. Just like any instrument or activity you take on for the first time, there is going to be a frustrating period of wrapping your head around just how looping works. The physical coordination of starting and stopping in time can be a challenge. Keeping track of what to sing and when to add it in and am I singing the right notes…?

  3. Musicianship is laid bare. I remember the first time I sang on a microphone and the reality that set in: the microphone doesn’t make me better, it just amplifies what I already to. If I want to sound good, I have to sound good, and the mic will broadcast that.

A looper is a microphone times infinity (potentially). Remember garbage in, garbage out: if your musicianship is lacking, if your singing technique is not good, the looper is not going to fix that, just repeat it… over… and over… and over…

Not that you should be scared of looping! Just approach it as a fun challenge and an opportunity to grow as a musician. Do your homework: emulate good loopers (tons of videos online!), work on your basic music skills, and practice, practice, practice!

And don’t forget to have fun!

My Reaction to This Week's Singing Competition Entry

Shawn Leslie Shawn Leslie - Wine Into Water

You have a voice. So much character. You should sing all the classic country and gospel baritone songs. Pitch lapsed during the bridge (2:30-ish): you should be more precise and energetic there, not less. I’d love to see more songs like this.


Mister Tim www.mistertimdotcom.com is a published composer, award-winning recording artist, and in-demand performer, teacher & performance coach. In addition to an active performing and touring schedule with his solo vocal live-looping/beatbox shows, Mister Tim sings with Boulder, CO-based Celtic Rock band Delilah’s Revenge, manages the… Read More

  • Great article here!! Thanks, Mister Tim! You rock! :)