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5 Steps to Getting Better Gigs

5 Steps to Getting Better Gigs
If you want to get booked and stay booked, these five steps will help to get you started –says Jaime Vendera.

If you skip any of these steps, you won’t be playing and gaining fans. So, begin applying them today:

Step One: Hire a Manager

A manager is an important part of your gigging strategy if you plan to become a steady gigging band, regardless of whether you’re a cover band or a band that plays originals.

Therefore, a manager is key to providing a middle man between venue owners and the band, someone who books gigs, organizes the events, and negotiates fees.

Should it be someone in your band? Read More →

Step Two: Create Band Videos and Audio Tracks

Even with a manager, no club owner/manager will hire you unless they can see and hear you to prove you got what it takes to keep the fans happy.

This is where videos and song files come into play.

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Step Three: Buy a Domain Name and Start a Website

You MUST have your own domain name and website, period!

These freebie sites won’t cut it. I am referring to the sites that add an extension to your domain name like VenderaBand.freewebsite.com.

What will it cost and what should you put on it? Read More →

Step Four: Conquer Social Media

Social media is important to spread the message too. You’ll want to start a Facebook fan page this instant.

As well, you’ll want to tell all your Facebook friends about it so that you can get 100 followers ASAP.

Once you’ve reached 100 fans, you can rename your fan page to reflect your band’s name. What else will you need? Read More →

Step Five: Create a Band Press Kit

A band press kit is simply a folder with printed pages featuring information about your band.

It should at minimum contain your band or solo artist bio with your logo if applicable, followed by contact links.

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Final Words

All five steps are crucial and will raise your level of professionalism above the others.

All five steps are crucial and will raise your level of professionalism above the others

I highly suggest you use a contract for each gig to assure both parties are held accountable.

This will prevent the guitarist from not showing up to a gig and the venue owner from shorting you on payment.

You can search online for a basic “gig” contract. I found many with a basic search that can be freely downloaded and revised as needed.

Ironically, when VoiceCouncil asked me to write an article on “5 Steps to Getting Better Gigs”, I had just written a lesson for my Stage Survival 101 class in my school, Vendera Vocal Academy.

– Jaime

My Reaction to This Week's Singing Competition Entry

Motolani Motolani - The Pressure

Mmm, mmm, mmm what soul! Your tone was so smooth and rich and I was watched you sitting there singing, I could tell you had your skills down so well that it was second nature. Both your breathing and support were spot on; no reaching for notes or gasping for breaths with a heaving chest. All relaxed and easy as you glided from note to note with this silky, yet smoky tone.  Love the blues grit towards the end too, but I must admit, you’re teasing me with just that little bit if it. If I had a request, it would be that you play around with a bit more of that grit and even slip in a bit more range on the higher AND the lower end of your voice to make it even more your own. I can just hear it in your voice, can hear these jazz runs go lower and higher than what you presented in this song. Ha-ha, you’re probably saying, “yeah, Jaime, I do that in every other song…” That’s good because I KNOW you can do it.

Why I chose Motolani as a Finalist

I really appreciated the sense of soul Motolani brings to her music so I am recommending her to move forward in the VoiceCouncil competition.

Jaime Vendera Bio

Jaime Vendera is a Vocal Coach, world-renowned for his wineglass-shattering voice as seen on shows like MythBusters, Dr. Oz, and Super Human Showdown. He is a contributor to The Ultimate Guide to Singing and author of ‘Raise Your Voice’ 1 & 2, ‘The Ultimate Breathing Workout’ and the ‘Sing Out Loud’ series. He also runs the Vendera Vocal Academy. His new App, Tuned XD, is the ultimate multi-tool for musicians.

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  • Fred Wortley

    Very well written article, Jaime! I know this info will help me take my gigs to the next level!