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5 Weird Christmas Gifts For Singers

5 Weird Christmas Gifts For Singers
Still wondering what to ask Santa for Christmas? Here is a weird and wonderful wish list.

We have hauled the internet for gadgets and gizmos that could add a touch of magic to the modern singer’s life. All of these make a claim to be for the ‘serious singer’ – we present them to you with some of our opinions, in no particular order.

(Oh, and if you own / use one of these, please leave a comment at the end of this article.)

1) The Belt Box


This handheld prop solves a common problem – the worry of annoying your neighbors when practicing at home, or the anxiety of needing to warm up in a busy confined area.

The Belt Box fits snugly round your mouth and claims to damped and reduce the sound and gives you the confidence to “belt ya face off!”

Reviews are generally positive, with many saying they have so far had no complaints from neighbors and feel less vocal fold strain as a result of not having to hold back their volume.

However, you may miss the joy of hearing your voice echo around the room and you won’t really be able to practice resonance exercises with this.

You can buy it directly from their website for $49.99.

2) The Humidiflyer


Although this is not specifically targeting singers, it could prove to be a lifesaver for frequent flyers and international performers.

This face mask claims to reduce the respiratory symptoms of flight such as a dry nose and sore throat, and even claims to ward off infection.

It works quite simply by recycling the moisture of your breath and filtering germs from the brutal air-conditioning in the cabin.

A reviewer explains how, even though they get funny looks from their fellow passengers, they breathe more comfortably and feel jet-lag much less, although its design could be a better fit.

You can buy it directly from their website for $63.00.

3) The Remindair Breathing Strap


This simple device gets strapped around your lower ribs to remind you to engage muscularly during your exhale.

It’s a hands-free teaching and practicing device designed to build a strong voice and encourage breathing patterns associated with singing.

Breathing techniques are hotly contested and debated, and we suspect this strap is designed for the classical end of the market, who regularly perform long legato phrases. Even then, many classical pedagogues argue against the ‘rib breathing’ method.

As there are many conflicting philosophies of breathing, our advice can only be to try it for yourself.

You can buy it directly from their website for $19.99.

4) VAM (Vocal Acoustics Monitor)


The VAM is basically a piece of clear plastic shaped like a telephone that directs your voice to your ear.

The website suggests it can be used on stage as well as in the rehearsal room, and has the power to multiply the amount you can hear yourself 10 times!

Being able to hear yourself properly is a struggle for many rock and pop singers. Reviewers love it because they don’t have to strain to hear themselves anymore – more natural in-ear monitoring.

Of course, be wary of hearing damage if you are using this in an excessively loud environment. Be sure to use good ear plugs and swap ears from time to time.

You can buy it directly from their website for $25.99.

5) The Zangger Voice Pipe


This slick piece of craftsmanship is the result of years of research by renowned vocal coach, Daniel Zangger Borch.

It encourages strength and reduces vocal stress by ‘decompressing the vocal folds in a healthy and sustainable way’.

This gadget takes advantage of the growing awareness of S.O.V.T exercises (Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract exercises), enabling us to warm up our voices quickly and quietly.

This is a serious investment for any singer. But, for the price, you have to be on Santa’s Good List.

You can buy it directly from his website for $129.00.

  • Freya Astrella

    I have the humidiflyer and wouldn’t be without it! I find without it, it’s actually painful to breath through my nose on a plane for anything after than a couple hours. The cabin crew saw me wearing it and were really interested to know more about it.

  • Fire_and_Steel

    The first photo (microphone) reminded me that some company (or maybe more than one) made or makes soap shaped like a microphone, for “singing in the shower.” It’s been awhile since I’ve seen those in any catalog.
    I guess it would be alright until too much of the soap dissolved, and the user was left with something that no longer resembled a mic. Otherwise, it might be a good Christmas gift for singers and wannabe singers.

    A soap-mic might be as practical a gift as any of the other items on the above list, or maybe even more useful than those. Some of those . . . just . . . thanks, but no.
    Although #4 wouldn’t require hooking up cables and power (and costs less than a looper), I think something like a Ditto Mic Looper would be a better investment than the VAM, and would draw fewer weird looks from bystanders.

    That’s just this reader’s opinion. YMMV, etc.

  • Jaime Vendera

    The Ditto Mic Looper is great, but I am not sure what the comparison to a VAM means, as they serve two completely different purposes.

  • Jaime Vendera

    I have GOT to get me a Humidifyer now!

  • Jaime Vendera

    Love the VAM, excited to get a Humidiflyer, not a big fan of the Beltbox because it muffles my tone (but that’s just my personal experience), I use a belt for rib expansion, so I’ll pass on the breathing strap, and the pipe looks cool, but never heard of it before this article. All in all, they still all look like great gadgets that any singer would most definitely want!

  • Anders Marthinsen

    The VAM is awesome! I use it when practiSING. It helps me sing not shout since I can hear it all. Even my pitch is starting to get better since I use my ear for corrections. When playing with a band that is playing very loud I can use this smart gadget! All in all perfect for any singer

  • Freya Astrella

    The Ditto is a looping pedal and the VAM is a personal monitor device – totally different purposes! But both totally great!