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A Global Singing Project?

A Global Singing Project?

Laura Sullivan is a GRAMMY® winning composer and recording artist reaching out with her music in new ways.

Her latest project involves inviting singers from all over the world to a YouTube collaboration, “We are Love.”

We asked Laura to share how she keeps inspired, deals with a demanding industry and comes up with new ideas to share her music.

Laura, You’ve forged ahead in a genre of music (New Age) that is not currently the most popular style – did you ever doubt your direction?
New Age is a niche genre that many people love to listen to for the purpose of relaxation. I believe there will always be a need for relaxing music and I’m happy to be able to create and share it.

 I believe there will always be a need for relaxing music

Some musicians say that opportunity came to them – but was there anything you did as a songwriter that helped that to happen?
I believe in the adage that luck is opportunity and preparedness combined. We create our own luck by focusing and preparing for those opportunities that the universe provides.

Your creative output is amazing. What practical things have you learned to do over the years to help you keep writing?
I have learned to prioritize. No matter what is happening, practice must come first every day, or it will be neglected.

You’re involved in highly creative work – but take us into the gritty business side of things – what did you have to learn the hard way about your career?
Being involved in the music business takes a lot of persistence and patience. I’ve learned to keep going and believing, despite the many discouragements that will inevitably come up for any artist.

You’ve just released a “global singing project” using video clips from all over the world. Where did this idea come from?
There are a lot of people who have asked to put lyrics and sing to my instrumental music. I wanted to give people the opportunity to do that. I would like the song to be an expression of our connection as humanity, and that we are one, on a spiritual level.

The project is very inspirational, but what was one challenge in doing this that you didn’t anticipate?
One of the biggest challenges has been communicating with people who speak very little or no English. I’m very grateful for the patience of those who are participating who do not speak English, but are doing their best to understand and participate in this special project. I wish that I could speak every language in the world so that I could explain all of this better to everyone.

How did you rise to that challenge?
I am using online translation programs to try to communicate with a number of people, but it is still very difficult at times. At this point, I have not hired a translator because of lack of time with our project deadline approaching and everything happening in the moment, but it may be something to consider for a future project.

What other innovative ways do you know, have your seen, or are you going to use to share your music?
I believe one of the best ways to share at this time is through creating videos. YouTube provides a very large audience to which we can share our music. There is opportunity in creating great music and compelling videos.

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Laura Sullivan is a GRAMMY® winning composer and recording artist. Her original music has been included in the score of two Emmy winning documentaries, as well as in many popular television programs and advertisements for Fortune 500 companies. Her music publications are represented by BMI which holds more than 400 of her original compositions in her prolific artist catalogue. For further information about Laura and her music, please visit www.laura-sullivan.com