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A Musical Medication To Take Your Project Forward

A Musical Medication to Take Your Project Forward
Author Dave Gray tells us how to tap into accept our daily struggles to create innovative music.

When we’re creating music, it is easy to get rigid and think in terms of a formula or a series of steps that we need to go through in order to complete our work successfully.

But I want to suggest that, often, our formula or ‘correct next step’ may be a part of the problem rather than the solution.

Remove The “Next Step”

Look at your project or piece and consider the logical next step.

What if you abandoned all ‘next steps’ in your project?

For example, a chorus often follows the second verse. What if you abandoned all ‘next steps’ in your project?

What if song structures, instrumentation, note progressions, EVERYTHING about your project broke free of any ‘next steps’? What would that sound like?

Yours For The Taking

All of us have experienced times when we have felt betrayed or taken advantage of, and we no longer believed that the universe wanted something better for us.

We doubted the existence of something greater than ourselves.

In that doubt we can get rigid and boil everything down to a set of ‘next steps’. As helpful as that can sometimes be, it is important that we free ourselves from a rigid outlook on our project.

Multiple close-up portraits of the same woman expressing different emotions isolated on white

We will experience pain as well as happiness – it is just part of being human and a musician.

It is a daily affair to remind ourselves that there is a spiritual presence within us. We cannot expect to be free of all strife in our creative life just because we now cultivate and walk a spiritual path.

To be in total acceptance of this life, we will experience pain as well as happiness and realize that it is just part of being human and a musician.

As we learn to open ourselves to a deeper spiritual connection and creative life, we discover a power in ourselves that sustains us.

This power is available any time we seek it, even when we suffer beyond our understanding.

A Deeper Connection

Here’s something that you can say to yourself to get back on your musical / creative track:

Today I will draw on a deeper connection when I face stress and suffering in my creative endeavors.

Dave Gray

Dave Gray has performed on, produced and engineered hundreds of projects. He is also an ethnomusicologist; his PhD specializes in the production techniques of multi-award winning Canadian music producer Daniel Lanois. Dave started producing and engineering after working with Rick Rubin in Los Angeles. Gray has also performed and recorded with artists from major labels: Columbia, Wind Up, Warner Bros. and Capital records. See his Website and Canadian Recordings Website.