VoiceCouncil will no longer be updated. Articles will still be available for some time.

A New Boost for Singers

VoiceCouncil Magazine cranks up the volume on its content.

Important changes are coming at VoiceCouncil Magazine.

Over the past few months we’ve been studying the preferences and needs of singers and now we’re introducing several new blogs and initiatives.

Here is what’s coming:

• A regular Singing and Songwriting blog from noted YouTube artist Sarah Bella

• Regular Audio Insights from recording engineer Wes Maebe and leading sound engineering writer Bill Gibson

• A ‘Wild Thoughts’ blog dedicated to creativity & performance for singers

‘Probe’ –solutions to technique challenges facing gigging singers from vocal coach and musical director Rachel Bennett

PLUS –you’ll see an improved look on the site, regular contests and the chance to win gear every week.

Of course, you’ll continue to see all of the content you’ve already appreciated: regular feature articles, vocal coach insights, peer review vids – content designed to help you hone your craft and push your singing ahead.

You should see all of these changes in about one week.

Let us know how you feel about what you see – in your comments on posts and your emails to me.

We want to make sure we live up to VoiceCouncil’s mission:

Practical Insight for the Emerging Vocalist

-Greg Barker
Commissioning Editor,
VoiceCouncil Magazine

  • Alandrewmusic

    Love this news and waht already comes our way ! Keep up the ggod work ! Monday Motivator really puts the week on the right track !

  • Hannahmarietaylor

    Exciting stuff! I really love having this website, and I find it a really valuable resource! Keep it coming!x

  • Yay!!!!!!!! Keep it coming. Love this amazing site, being a closet singer with no training at all, it really does wonders to place me in the right mind set of singing & songwriting. Would love a live-looping section :) Can we get a regular Shlomo or Beardyman or even Reggie Watts who could give insights on the techniques of loopers?