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A Night On The Town by Dini Kimmel (Original)

Bio: My name is Dini Kimmel; I’m a musician, singer, songwriter & arranger from Jakarta Indonesia. Music has always been my passion, I’ve been singing since 7, writing songs and performing since 10. My goal in life is to record my own album and to perform in different countries; I hope one day all of that will come true. Thank you so much for watching my video and commenting Best wishes, Dini Kimmel

  • Hi everyone, i'm Dini kimmel. I want to say thank you to Peer Review Voice Cuncil Magazine for this opportunity, I would love to hear comments & suggestions about this song to help me become a better songwriter, singer & performer.

    Hope you enjoy the song, Thank you so much for watching,
    Have a great weekend everyone! :)


  • twriterall

    Wow, a musician who actually plays instruments and can sing!! What a concept. This young lady is going places! Thanks so much for featuring this exciting new talented artist!!

    Keep rockin' Dini!!

  • Hi twriterall, thank you for the lovely comments & support, i appreciate that :)

  • twriterall

    Never give up your dream, Dini, cuz you are going to make it!! You are an original with real talent. So difficult to find these days.

  • zerobio

    I'm so impressed! You are multi-talented … playing acoustic and electric guitars, drums, vocals, harmonies, all the midi editing for background tracks. Not to mention this is a killer original song. Yep. You did a fantastic job and I've seen your other songs on YouTube, so much variety in your original writing. A record label would be foolish not to sign you NOW. Keep rocking and we'll see you soon on the billboard charts, I'm sure.

  • Thank you very much for your review, compliments and the never ending support. means the world to me. So glad you enjoyed the song, and Amen! for the billboard charts, i hope in the near future :)

    Best wishes to you.

  • sovana

    u forgot something to put in ur info. u're a drummer too–a guhreeaattt one! my gosh u're talent has increased like turbo these several years! w/ Elliot as ur guidance, bet u would be the next Anggun ;) congrats dear. really wish i could collaborate w/ u again…

  • Oh wow, thanks for stoping by and wrote those lovely words, you've been very kind :).

    Yup, El has been helping me to get back in music and keep the faith going, but actually being in the band with you couple of years ago is the one that made me realize, music is my one and only passion in life. That's something that'll keep me going and going pursue the music dreams once i'm there in canada.

    Thanks a lot mate & all the best to you!!
    oh yea and let me know when your next album show up ;)

    Rock on!

  • Rachel

    This is a cool song wish you all the best — Rachel :)

  • Thank you very much Rachel :)

  • Woo Hoo – way to go Dini~

    I have to say this video is a real treat and what a fantastic calling card to feature your talent. This encourages sincere satisfaction from a listener's standpoint, knowing that almost all of it comes from you. That's a lot of hats to wear my friend and you're doing a fine job of it.

    You took a rather inexpesive and generic medium and turned it into something pleasant from and audiovisual perspective. I like the lyrics, the snappy groove, and laid back feeling you convey even when the tune starts to pick up pace.

    I can tell that you are fun and just plain cool…great idea to splice up vids of yourself playing the different parts. Are you playing the bass track as well? I noticed you got a lot of “thumbs up” ratings…a lot of it has to do with the fact that you went the extra mile to give us something fun to watch + it's a good song, memorable, and easy to connect with.

    Something else that shows the rest of us that your head is on straight is the fact that you've taken the time to visit most of the other peer reviews and have left comments. That's right, I pay attention to that sort of thing…it tells us a little bit about YOU as a person.

    As you well know it's not just about the music, but the fans, our peers, and PROMOTION! A very simple way to promote yourself is to connect. A lot of singers have posted videos to the peer reviews, but only a handful have the foresight and humility to be thankful, network with other singers, or even follow up to see what folks are saying about their songs.

    This kind of professional maturity is refreshing to us all…I commend you for being above the cut yet not acting like it…you're a true winner Dini! Thank you for sharing!!!



  • Hi Brian, Thank you so much for your comments, support and encouragement. It's been a wonderfull time being feautured on peer review, i got to see other inspiring videos/musicians and also got comments from profesional musicians point of view, it really helps me to grow and be a better musician.

    Yes, i played the bass for this song but i played it with electric guitar. If you're not busy, come and check my other original song on you tube channel “jejakjemarimusic”. :))

    All the best to you, peer review-voicecouncil.com and Sonic Erotica!
    Rock on! :)


  • BrutallyHonest

    Really love this song and wow, you are quite the musician. Seriously, the best I've heard on this website. Wish you tons of success in your music career because a record company would be crazy not to pick you up!

  • Trainman452

    a year ago.. I’m sure you have only gotten even bette!r.. very entertaining, and original.. from a fellow artist..thanks for the entertaining video!

  • rwyckoff

    I just now listened to your “Headlights” video, thanks to a friend, June Millington, who founded the first all-girl rock band Fanny. Maybe you have heard of her? She’s Filipina also. I’m listening now to your iTunes album “Banbury Road” which I just downloaded. You are GREAT! Reminded me of Paul McCartney in 1970 who was maybe the first to put out a solo album where he played every instrument himself. Looking forward to hearing more from you as you go forward!!