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A Peek Inside IAMEVE’s Gig Bag

IAMEVE let’s us take a peek at the tech and personal items behind her live performances.

IAMEVE is gaining serious attention for taking listeners on an imaginative and mesmerizing musical journey.

She is also known for live performances that incorporate her imaginative use of technology, experimental sounds and alternative synth pop.

So, let’s take a look inside her Gig bag:

Mac Laptop It is my baby and I use it to sample songs and instruments for the live show through Ableton Live, and I also trigger my keyboard sounds with it. Aside from my voice, it’s the main instrument for the live show – so can’t leave home without it.

M-Audio Oxygen Keyboard It syncs up to my laptop and allows me to play keyboard sounds that I have preset off my record and I can also utilize the mid controllers to adjust volume and FX – plus it ways less than 3lbs – so its amazingly versatile and portable.

TC-Helicon GTX Voice Live Play Pedal I have all my vocal sounds preset for each song, which gives me control over my vocal sound and I don’t have to depend on a live engineer who doesn’t know my sound. It also allows me to set up live vocal and instrument loops at the show, which makes things a lot more fun ;)

Red Revlon Colorstay It’s the only red lipstick I’ve found that can last the entire show without going Robert Smith on me.

Arnica Gel by Arnicare Indispensable because my metal elbow needs some love and calming after every show.

The creator of IAMEVE, Tiff Randol, has shared the stage with Moby, Semi Precious Weapons, Matt Caws of Nada Surf, DJ Spooky, and has over 100 TV/film placements. A teaser of IAMEVE’s debut album The Everything Nothing can be downloaded and is available on iTunes.