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Aaron Short – Hold on

Aaron Short is a songwriter and performer that has an ability to connect with audiences through the quality and genuineness of his songs, an ability that he has honed and developed over time, during the course of his life long love affair with music. And whether through his new music, or through his shows, Aaron Short continues to prove that he’s a singer, songwriter and performer.

  • Brother Aaron!

    Looks like your havin' a good time up there and it's nice to see a live stage video. I enjoy all of the peer reviews but it's fun to winess how you actually react to having people in front of you. You got a cool, shoot-from-the-hip style and your partner complements you well.

    Good, soulful, hook! I just stepped into the kitchen for some coffee, the first time I listened to your song, and was already singing along during the chorus before sitting back down. Since it is melodic and repeated often, be extra careful when you reach into your falsetto. It's definitely a cool part but the pitch wavers quite a bit.

    You move around the stage, engage your audience, and fellow performer(s)!!! That shows you care and generally enjoy what you're doing. These are all good signs of strong performance skills. For most of the song your voice sounds great. Granted, it's tough to sing, play an instrument and woo and audience all at the same time. Although you do distribute sound mic technique, sometimes you're too far off the mic and the vocal diminishes.

    I really like the song and it's wonderful that your pushing it out to the masses. Keep writing those killer hooks Aaron!