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Alan Page – The Silence

I’ve played Bass guitar for 20 some odd years, after another band failed I decided to take up guitar and start performing my music, relying on myself instead of others. I’ve been mostly influenced by my father’s love of 60’s and 70’s singer songwriters. He played guitar with me upon his knee. He mostly played folk music so there is a huge influence there also.

  • David DeSoberal

    Really enjoyed the song, I hear lots of influences in his voice. Really like the song could hear the emotion behind it keep up the good work.

  • David Wayne Fletcher

    Gotta love the 60’s and 70’s for lyrical content. I
    wonder how an amazing song could become even better? If I were recording this I
    might invert the original melody at least in the 2nd and 3rd verse to keep the
    audience interested and vary the chorus a time or two. Your lyrics are the body
    of the song and your phrasing and melody both are the soul of the song. May
    great things come your way, Alan.

  • alan page

    Thank-you Wayne, I’ll attempt to try your suggestions!

  • Hiya’ Allen,

    Looks like a fun room to hang out in.  You’ve got some gear laying around there…anyway you can hook up your mic and guitar to a mixer and go straight into you recording device?  Vocally you sort of stay in the same place most of the song.  Perhaps work on your dyamics so a bit more so those mellow passages feel special.



  • A S Page

    Thanks Brian, I’ll try that.