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Alec Drow – Dreams to Remember cover

I’ve been creating music for a while. Using the voicelive 2 is so much extending my options as a singer and artist. Just check out my videos and see for yourself the variety of creativity. Thanks to everyone at TC helicon for their great work! Best wishes

  • KowBoy Tom

    Alec Drow, this is an excellent performance. Well done!  -KowBoy Tom

  • Alec Drow

    Thank You KowBoy! I´m glad you liked it – yeeehaaa =)

  • David Wayne Fletcher

    Loved the Chorus you added, Alec. Thanks

  • Alec Drow

    Well appreciated my friend! Thank you

  • Hello Alec,

    Interesting approach with the video…diggin’ the Harmonizer also!  Keyboarding’s got a good vibe to it too.  Soulful take :)



  • AlecDrow

    Wanted to try something different ;)
    The Akai miniak has some great sounds on it. Pretty useful.
    Thank you so much for your kind words my friend.