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Alex Davis – Can’t Fool Everybody

Hailed as one of the Top 5 Up & Coming Solo Artists by Music Connection Magazine, singer/songwriter Alex Davis ignites indie rock with introspective lyrics and an arresting sound. With guitar-driven versatility, his song writing has been compared to Elliott Smith’s poignancy, while recalling the incisive emotionalism of Kurt Cobain and melodic wit of the Wayne Coyne. Alex has recently played the Knitting Factory Brooklyn and has placed songs on numerous TV shows including MTV’s ”Pranked” and Animal Planet’s ”Bad Dog”.

  • Wow Alex, what a great song! I love your delivery, really cheeky, and enjoyed seeing beneath the tough guy exterior to the beautiful and vulnerable artist within! Where can we buy your music?

    Jessica Rose

  • Hi Alex,

    I like the lyrics most of all…haha, just great!  You fall somewhere between Lou Reed n’ Bob Dylan…not all that much going on with your voice…but your facial expressions and honesty in the lyrics sell the song to me.  You look like your music.  Hafta’ say the tune gets a lil’ redundant by the end…can we get some modulation or a lil’ change up in there then bring it back with a punch?  Man, I could totally hear this in a real studio with some blackup singers cooing away behind ya’ in direct “Lola” fashion.  I would have ended the song with “Maybe this nice band of queers will let you join their group.”  But, I get it…anway good luck…made me laugh!

  • The Fracture Clinic

    Excellent, brave, funny, fierce song. Great delivery. Good on you!

  • Pfarley10

    I have to agree with Brian.  Well done with the right attitude but redundant.