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Alex Hepburn – 2.4

Hello there. My name is Alex Hepburn , born in London (scottish parents). I hope you like my little video it’s the lyric that I just find so amusing a dark form of comedy, if you will. Much love ALexxxxxxxx

  • Alex!

    You’re just plain cool…with the “IT” factor seeping out of you a plenty. You have an original voice + a sexy image, while putting off an “I’ll kick your arse if ya’ mess with me!” attitude = nice. The lyrics are absolutely great with a simple, definitive hook. Nothing cryptic about this and that’s what makes words seemingly deep…the fact that everyone will get what you are saying. Very good…I look forward to more from you :) Audio and Visual are both crisp and punchy.



  • Davey Mac Siacais

    This is absolutely fantastic. Voice, presentation, lyrics, everything.

    Highly enjoyable.

    Keep going, Alex!


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  • Sophiehayzelen

    Hi Alex,

    Had a listen and thought your voice was great! Very powerful, controlled, the look you go for is also different and works really well! Good luck with it all you have a great talent! :)

  • Came back for another listen…still my favorite in the last couple of weeks…just dynamic!

  • John Perry

    Love your voice and phrasing, Like the song too.
    Your voice is great for singing songs with interesting lyrics, you make one want to hear all you are saying in the song.


  • Toys10079

    Love Love Love Love Love your music !!!!

  • Michael Auch

    Very damn good, lots of good stuff in all the right areas, vocal, creativity, presentation, its a package, I want to hear more, very inspiring.