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Alex May – Chasing Cars cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Donna McElroy:

You are an adorable soul! Take some basic voice lessons, work on breathing technique, concentration and focus on the song! This song, though perfect for the artists who recorded it, seems to be a bit unchallenging and boring for you! I believe you are looking for a melody that is a bit more interesting than this! Find a good voice teacher to help you as you transition into young manhood and your voice takes a little falsetto vacation for time to time. Keep concentrating and don’t give up that you didn’t fully intend to crack/yodel!! Whole careers have been built on the yodel, so I was with you until you giggled! Don’t be too shy to use it.
Keep growing that great instrument!

  • Nice! Leave your shyness aside and release the voice because you have talent and a beautiful voice

  • For somebody whose never had voice lessons (?) you were amazing. I don’t know if you practiced this but you held/hold the key well. I didn’t see a bio for you but don’t think you take yourself serious as a singer and you should because your voice is very soothing and you have a nice friendly face to match.Will check for you on you tube and good luck in all you do!

  • MsRat3

    You have a beautiful tone to your voice. I could totally see you fronting a band! Get yourself a good voice coach and they will guide you the rest of the way. You are a diamond in the rough:) I just started with private lessons and had no clue what an amazing difference voice lessons make.
    As others have said, just let go and enjoy yourself. You have the raw talent, the rest will come with practice. Good luck and I can’t wait to hear more from you!