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Alex Thompson – Changelings

  • Kellyeworth

    I love this! Such an original sound. Nice job, Alex!

  • Kthompson

    Great vocals great sounds. Check out a great new cd is called the alexanders

  • KowBoy Tom

    Alex Thompson, Excellent video. “Changelings” is a fun piece. I like your rhythm on the guitar. Your voice is smooth and wonderful. And, oh baby, the whistling. I love it! Keep going. Now start taking your thing to some open mics.-KowBoy Tom

  • Hiya Alex!

    Interesting approach and I dig the setting.  You’ve got a unique style and sound of your own.  In a world filled with technobabble (which I love), it’s still  nice to hear artists strip it down to the basic and deliver strictly from the heart. 



  • matt

    great vocal sound.  keep the work up