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Alfy – Medula (Original)

Bio: The video shows my first recorded original . I used TC Helicon voicetone creatext for the vocals and also for the guitar . Do check it out ! I look forward to constructive criticism ! Alfy

  • Hey Alfy,

    Not at all what I expected…very chill and I dig the vocals. You're an unusual brother for sure. It does look like your lip syncing or maybe the vid's just not in time with the audio. Either way the vocals are quite interesting and it's nice to see one of our peers using TC equipment…so few that submit to this site use these beautiful vocal instruments. I feel you're on to a really interesting sound…may want to work on your visual presence a bit though…vid's poorly lit and your countenance remains hidden most of the time behind the wind screen. Thumbs up for creativity…now you've just got to find a way to connect with us on a human level :) Lyrics were most enjoyable! All the best!!!



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  • Cher22

    You have a very nice voice with nice sound and tone quality. I think if it were possible for you to stand up when you sing, that you would even have a fuller richer sound. When you sit and sing, part of your vocal power is cut down. For such a nice voice, standing and singing would be powerful and dynamic and draw in your audience more.

    Good Job! I would give you a thumbs up!