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Ali Shields – Apologize/Use Somebody Mash-Up

Hi. I am 18 years old. I like to sing and play the piano. I am currently enrolled in school at Utah Valley University, where I also run track and field. I love life and I am trying to see if i can reach my dreams. I love people. I love music. I love knowledge. Boom baby! that pretty much sums me up. word.

  • Sophie Hayzelden

    Hi, I really like the mix you do here with the two songs. You are very talented as demonstrated by your piano skills as well as your singing. I am a singer learning to play the piano also (however I am only at the beginner stage with the piano!) But good luck with all you do and I hope you achieve your dreams!

  • Katishields

    Oh my gosh!! Congrats Ali!! :) You are the greatest!!

  • Katieweeks

    this is awesome. yay ali! :)

  • Ali, you are so talented!! :D

  • Csstrayer

    Ah-MAZE-ing. Someone should sign this girl!

  • Hi Ali,

    You’re enthusiastic and fun to watch…good traits for a singer, to be confidant and fun. I feel your piano skills outshine your vocal skills at the moment. You sing off key quite a bit in this video. I know singing and playing together is tough…maybe try just singing to a track to bring your vocals up to speed with your wonderful keyboarding. You’re very talented and I hope you keep chasing your musical dreams!



  • i noticed – so will MANY others :-)
    Keep it up Ali

  • That’s a really nice piano! And a really nice place you got there, Ali ;-)

    I also agree that your piano playing is slightly distracting your concentration on your vocal performance. Plus, you sound like your playing faster then you intended to – which is what happens often to me when I’m playing live and get a little nervous, luckily my vocalist taps her hand on her thigh to inform me I’m going too fast!

    Hope that helps,

  • when where you let go on american idol