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Alicia Saldenha – Use Me (Bill Withers)

Bio: ALICIA SALDENHA (pronounced sal-day-nya) hails from the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, home to calypso, steelpan, soca, chutney and rapso music. As a songwriter, her music – which she describes as soul-funk – reflects this unique heritage, embracing influences from jazz to reggae. Alicia has performed at music festivals, concert halls and jazz clubs around the world. She now resides in Japan where she attended university. In an environment notoriously difficult for “foreign artists” unsigned to major labels, Alicia is breaking down barriers between races, cultures and languages, quickly becoming Osaka’s number one independent female soul vocalist. She is currently recording her debut CD in New York with some of the city’s finest musicians. Stay tuned!

  • Hello Alicia,

    There's no denying that you have a solid singing voice and a sultry swagger to boot! I also like that you put your own spin on a classic number, stretch some of the notes, and hang the groove out longer. You've got a great image, vibrant voice, and formidable stage presence. I love reading what you're about in your short bio. Hat's off to ya' for taking on more than a singing career.

    So why then my friend did you chose a cover to show the world what you're about? Granted plenty of artist's claim to fame ends up being someone else s song to show your voice off. And, in the world of jazz especially, it's common to hear acclaimed artists covering or revamping old standards…might be because the world lacks the prolific attention to detail that these early jazz pioneers championed…not slammin' ya' I just think it's a little bit of a cheesy approach…there's a million bands that can cover this song just as effectively as you have. With a voice like that and the mental fortitude that you say you have for breaking down barriers, I'm curious as to what Alicia's own music and words will communicate to me?

    Your are the most “shiny” object on stage, in this video. The band overall is tight and well suited musically for this genre. However, if you weren't there it would be a pretty boring show. The music you all play makes folks want to dance…but, outside of your performance, it looks as though your band mates are just going through the motions. Talk to your band, inspire them to move around, have fun, and interact with their audience as you do…it's a show!!!

    There's no doubt in my heart and my mind that YOU have what it takes. I can't wait to here the debut! Brave of you to get around the world…it's a great time to be alive and easier than ever to stay in touch with our global community. I have high hopes for you sister and wish you well as you climb up the business ladder!