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Amanda Law – Climax cover

I am 18 years old, living in the outskirts of Toronto. I picked up my first guitar when i was 11 and played here and there. I became more serious about guitar when i was in high school and played for my school’s talent shows and events. I always loved to sing to the radio in the car ever since i was young. Another thing i have taken up within the last year is longboarding :D It would pretty much be my dream to get myself out there. To be able write and sing to a crowd and they can sing it back to me.

  • Beautiful voice and beautiful lady. Isn’t Toronto chilly for longboarding? You should be here in Hawaii for that! Music is my passion too! I play guitars and keyboards with my drum machine and Voice Live Touch for vocals. I don’t do surfing or longboarding but have 4 motorcycles that I love to ride.Aloha and stay well. Gary in Hawaii

  • Alvymarie

    Beautiful voice!

  • Wow! Great range!! Nicely done! :)

  • MattB

    Don’t give yourself a hard time. You look and sound beautiful.

  • Hi Amanda,

    Didn’t look painful at all…the highs are what seem do give you a little trouble. Nice falsetto…are you naturally an Alto 1? You’ve got it going on…great sound, good rhythm and vocal control…maybe just not the song for you. There’s lots of songs I respect and love but can’t commit to due to register. Still, I think you did a really good job of making it your own. I’m a fan! Thanks for sharing :)