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Amee van kuyk – Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Demons

  • KowBoy Tom

    Amee van Kuyk, you’ve got talent. Try as you might with “Speak
    Now or Forever Hold Your Demons” to convince us otherwise, your inner happiness
    still comes sparkling through your eyes. Can you play us something fun?

    KowBoy Tom

  • Drivethruqueen649

    Love it Love it..you bougie girl..mywah  and your guitar is awesome toooooo

  • Hiya’ Amee,

    Very intitmate setting…using the reverb in the room…not too shabby.  If you moved the mic closer it would sound a lil’ less tinny – food for thought.  You’ve got the image, skills, and uniqueness to face the challenges of the music industry.  I’ve not heard this song before – so, if it’s an original = bravo zulu!  You sound a bit like Drew, from the latest season of X Factor – you should audition!

    Brian Stevenson