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American “Idle” – The Real Secret of Singing Success

In the end it wasn’t the singing ability of Britney or Taylor that led them to their fairy tale successes – it was their drive. –says Mark Baxter 

After 15 seasons the iconic show is calling it a wrap!

But what about all the singers still hungry to be discovered?

I know you think in order to have a career in show biz someone needs to discover you.

The truth is you simply need to discover yourself – and then get off your duff.

While I’ve heard plenty of stories from singers who made new friends during their vigils at talent show auditions, I’ve also heard from many who felt they missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime because they didn’t make the cut.

Nonsense – no career was ever built on a single event.

A better name for any show based on overnight success is, “American Folklore.”

The premise plays right into our couch-potato mentality that if something doesn’t happen immediately it wasn’t meant to be.

This is Reality

Consider this: little Britney Spears dragged her mother up and down the east coast for years to participate in talent shows and attend auditions.

Same with Taylor Swift, who then convinced her parents to move to Nashville when she was just 14 to further her music career.

In the end it wasn’t the singing ability of Britney or Taylor that led them to their fairy tale successes – it was their drive (and some very understanding parents!).

That’s the same drive (but not the same parents) that propelled Steven Tyler into icon status and eventually to be a judge on American Idol.

When I was working with him I heard many stories about years of struggles and setbacks.

The reality is most successful singers have stories like Steven’s – including those that win those talent shows.

Every setback is simply a signal that success is not awarded – it’s earned.

A far better lesson to remember: no idle American ever became an American Idol.

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