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Anastasia – Yesterday cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Jeannie Deva:

This was quite a surprise as I never expected to hear an operatic version of this song! You look lovely and sang the song with conviction. The training you have received is mezzo – a deep dark and cavernous voice: a sound not normally expected from someone so young! There were times when your voice glided beautifully. However I’m sure you are also aware of the times when there were little “glitches”: when your voice broke slightly and so interrupted the intended vocal quality and phrasing. This was caused by muscular tension from holding your tongue too low and tight, jamming up your larynx. The times I’ve trained classical vocalists, I’ve found you can actually achieve a fuller freer voice if you imagine the sound you want and let (don’t hold) the muscles of the back of your tongue, soft palate and back wall of the throat. Muscles prefer to work themselves, so to speak. Even if the muscles need to maintain a certain position, it’s better to let them respond to the sound you imagine rather than holding them in a pre-set position which will cause tension.

  • Julien Sardon

    Oh My Goodness !! I was far from expecting this voice !! I appreciated the sincerity of your interpretation ! BUT…I would like to ask you something : What do you think of your vocal tessitura ? Do you like singing Mezzo ? One of my singing teacher (baryton 78years old, with an operatic career ) told me about the mezzo-soprani and their way of singing “as if they had a potato in the mouth” !! Actually, this is why I’m a little uncomfortable with a classical singing method !! I took classical singing lessons…and eventually, I even was not able to sing anymore !! My voice was emprisoned….
    Anastasia, how did you feel when you were singing ? Was it 100% of Anastasia ? It makes me think of someone who needs to draw…to express himself with painting..the person near to said to him all the time : “No, you must draw this line like that, you must take your brush like that, think about your wrist….” At the end, the person has lost the urge of drawing and painting !!……When I was on casting, one day, a member of jury told me : “Julien, singing is “going to the essential “…..You have a heart and emotions, a life, a personnality, after watching this video, I just want to tell you : “Close your eyes….think in your mind “I’m Anastasia and I’m going to sing WHO I AM….” and sing as you wish, as you need with all your heart, body, all your life….