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Andrea Godin – How Come You Don’t Call Me

My name is Andrea Godin and I am a singer, songwriter, & performer from Ontario, Canada. I recently released my debut album of original pop/dance/r&b music which is currently receiving radio airplay in Canada and the U.S. Several of my songs have been published on national television as well. This past april 2011, I released my new pop single, “Bullet” on iTunes and other internet music stores. I have opened for Canadian superstars Theory of a Deadman and Crash Parallel and have performed at high profile venues such as The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, The Grand ’Ole Opry in Nashville, and The Opera House and Mod Club in Toronto. I am currently keeping busy promoting my album by doing magazine and television interviews and live performances

  • Hiya’ Andrea!

    Well you’ve got sex appeal and sas!  The crowd’s eatin’ ya’ up :)  I dig your moves and passion for the tune…but…it really sounds like a white girl singing a black girl’s song.  It’s not that your pitch is all that off or even out of time…”Keys” is a hard number to emulate…and you don’t suck by any stretch.  Maybe try some Britney Spears ‘er sumpn’ with less soul.  I mean, Imagine Christina Aguilera singing this…there’s a white girl that would do it good service.  You’re voice lacks the true grit and life’s experience that Mrs. Keys was born into.  Sorry if I’m bummin’ ya’ out…don’t mean to…lots of talent there but you ain’t lettin go!

  • radiohead

    Girl… ignore the racist comment that guy posted…I hear nice riffing and slides. I liked your style, and obviously your audience did too

  • Brian

    No not a racist…sorry if it came off that way. I wish her the best.



  • Anonymous

    I like it!  This might be a little out of your range but keep at it.  You’re doing great!