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Andrew Merry – Stay or Go

This is a song called Stay or Go that I have written by A & C Merry. (The guitarist is my dad and we write alot of songs together!) Hope you enjoy it x

  • Hi Andrew,

    Classy! Great voice control. You operate your tones well, firm vibrato and velvet trills. I really enjoyed this number. The guitar is great as well. Your player really swims within the dynamics of your voice.

  • Rachel Ramsay

    dammm. that was beautiful, left me pretty speechless. where`s your record label at, you could be signed in an instant! garunteed, espicialy with that pop voice of yours.

  • Louie Ongpauco


    NICE pipes there buddy and kudos to your dad. So love the clean guitar playin’.
    Hope to hear more from you. just great job guys.


  • I see an Mbox 2 in the corner!

    It’s really great that both father and son play and enjoy music. And you have a fine voice too, Andrew – definitely will make the crowd be asking for more!

    However, I hear slightly one too many embellishments in your singing; probably to compensate for the weakness of the lyrics. It doesn’t do the words justice, when they are – in any other context – “generic” words, but get the special high-note melisma from the vocals.


  • Karina

    The very best of luck to you, Andrew, and The Risk, on X Factor UK 2011! You deserve to win for you have a great heart, a great voice and great looks!