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Andy Senko – Don’t Stop Believin’ – Red Robinson Theater

Bio: I’ve been singing for over 25 years and been in several cover bands. I am currently working on a few projects as well as co-writing original songs.

  • Ken

    WOW…..IF Arnel ever leaves the band…Schon needs to hear this….Great JOb Andy……

  • Brother Andy,

    I don't think anyone in the audience, judging booth, our out here in internet land expected you to kick the mad pipes the way you did…and heck, Journey is no small feat for any singer…even the females struggle to cop Steve Perry's licks. There were a couple of pitchy spots but you pretty much put those to bed with your long power notes. I'm very happy that you shared this with us Andy…it brought a smile to my face too :) I wish you all the best with your future endeavors.




  • Bsmery

    Absolutely awesome job Andy you need to be on stage you have such a talent.

    Your Sis Barb

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  • Dude! I am a Journey snob (I basically don't think anyone but Steve Perry should be doing Journey tunes), but dayumm.. this was good. A bit of breathe control issues, which was causing pitchiness, but damn good! I've tried Journey myself, and admit I can't pull it off. Good show!

  • Desinclair

    Don Sinclair.Alberta.

    Great job Andy, very powerful, you put your heart and soul into it and it showed. Good luck Andy.


  • wowwwww!! probably my favorite song of all time and you killed it!!! great job!!

  • Cher22

    Great Job! I only saw a couple of little tiny spots you could clean up a little. You are Good! I would like to see or hear some of your original songs. I hope I find them on You Tube someday. Again, Great Job!

  • Lethbridge family

    Great job,still got the great pipes Andy

  • Sarah Bella

    Great performance Andy! I love how the passion is visible while you sing! loved the shout out to your family by the way :)