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Anna Anderson – “Hide And Seek” – Imogen Heap Acoustic Cover

Bio: My name is Anna, and I love to sing. I’ve had classical singing training since the age of 7, and have taught myself to play very basic piano. I like to put new twists on songs we all know and love, and I do a fair bit of song-writing as well. I hope you enjoy my spin of the great Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek”.

  • I love it. Your voice is amazing, and you seem to have really good control over it. The only thing I would suggest is that you lay off of the reverb. Reverb in my opinion is a tool that should be used sparingly, just to give your songs a little bit of “that sound.” This is of course just my opinion, and I mean no offense at all. :)

  • IanJ

    Hi Anna, I love your voice and your a beautiful young woman, there's nothing wrong with reverb as long as you use it sparingly, you want to try singing without the piano, as your concentrating too much on what your doing on the piano and its effecting your beautiful singing voice.

  • Hi Anna,

    You do a nice job of covering this tune…sounds heavenly with the reverb but a maybe a bit too much effect. Don't get me wrong…I LOVE tweaking vocal fx but I strive to maintain a symbiosis with my technology.

    Lots of reverb helps to skew problems with pitch and also a first choice for helping along a languid or airy sound. Take notice that your notes are pitchy in the beginning of a lot of the phrases…stabbing at notes…you do recover and glide into being on key rather quickly, but knowing your first couple of notes by heart (of each passage) sets up the stage and improves self-confidence.

    I do like when you jump up high yet keep it emotive and breathy. You do have a good voice Anna, and obviously a lot of passion. I write this to every cover submission, and folks may be tired of reading it, but submit your own music, your own feelings, your own life's story.

    Imogen Heap = cool band :) So, if you're moved by certain artists or songs try starting with that familiar vibration and coo out your own message until you stumble upon your greatest artistic resource…your creativity unleashed! As fake as the biz can seem, there's no denying a great song that moves masses. You have it in you to captivate listeners so work on what it is you really want to say to them :) Keep shedding…I look forward to more!




    ilove it anna just keep working on it u will get deh. in Jesus Name

  • Foyweekes