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January 18th, 2015 | by

app review: Beat On by Tapgic Technology Limited


What it Does

A full-featured metronome app with training modes that will definitely improve your skill

The Bottom Line

There are many great metronome apps out there with similar features to this one. Despite being less known, this one is on par with many of the top apps.

Ease (4)
Intelligence (5)
Extras (5)
Gossip (4)



Tap your tempo, or turn the “dial.” Each beat is visible. A non-music reader might need time to figure out the beat subdivisions menu.



Well thought-out. For example, the background feature allows the metronome to keep running while you open other applications.



Training modes are genius. With the first one, you insert measures of silence to test your inner clock. The other training mode will increase tempo gradually to help you nail that difficult lick.



Overwhelmingly positive reviews, but a tiny minority want more beat subdivisions.

Musician's Note

Beat On has a few pitch-less sounds which I tend to stick to since I am a singer, and it is irritating to hear a pitched sound like a bell or ding as opposed to a click or tick. Time Guru [another metronome app] may be a smidgen louder, but I like the training modes way more with Beat On because I have more control over where the silent measure occur. I prefer Beat On’s user interface to Time Guru because the circular graphic makes musical sense to me. I love that creating accents or muting certain beats take only one touch.


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