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September 6th, 2015 | by

app review: Cantare


What it Does

Cantare is a vocal rehearsal tool that includes pitch analysis, metronome, recorder and user selectable scales.

The Bottom Line

For free, Cantare is great, however you don't need to spend much to get a better commercial app if you are more serious about your vocal practice.

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Although there is no manual with the app, it is fairly intuitive to use and most users should be able to work out how to use it in a matter of minutes. The interface is clean and free of ads and pop-ups (unlike in some other comparable free apps).



The pitch analysis works ok, however the graph that displays the pitch is a little disconcerting as its scale is fixed at one octave and, once you get past the top note, it jumps back down to the equivalent note lower down the scale instead of moving up with your singing.



The app doesn't really aim to offer much extra; that said, it does include some useful tools such as a piano guide track for the scales.



At the time of writing there were no other reviews to compare my experience of the app with.

Musician's Note

The developer states that he is constantly improving this app and if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions, to email him. As a result it would be unfair to overly criticise it as it is a non-commercial app that is still not fully developed. In its current form, Cantare is a usable app, however it doesn’t feel quite as finished as other more commercial offerings that do similar things.


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