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September 27th, 2014 | by

app review: DM1 by Fingerlab


What it Does

This drum machine lets you create detailed drum patterns from scratch for live performance or recording.

The Bottom Line

This drum machine doesn’t provide you with any ready-made patterns – you have to do everything yourself, which is exactly how some people want it.

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A user-friendly interface overall, but in the mixer window, instruments are not named conventionally, so finding the instrument you want is frustrating.



There is a lot of functionality here without being cluttered. You set the level, pitch, length, pan and volume of every instrument in your kit and even set the volume for each step.



Lots of great features. It can play in the background while you switch to another app. You can create and save entire songs songs by dragging and arranging your patterns into the song composer.



Many seasoned musicians consider this the go-to drum app for any serious project.

Musician's Note

My favorite feature is that you can activate or deactivate many steps at once by just sweeping your finger across the screen – major time saver. Also, there are all kinds of ways to export files. It is not the kind of drum machine you would “play” live (i.e. activating patterns and switching between them on the fly) – it is meant for creating entire drum tracks in advance for recording or live performance. I like the classic drum machine sounds as well as the acoustic samples. I mostly use the step sequencer to create a pattern, but it is easy to overdub new parts into a pattern with the drum pads as well.