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September 27th, 2014 | by

app review: Drum Jam by Sonosaurus


What it Does

An image-based drum machine with a ton of world instruments to go along with the conventional drum kits.

The Bottom Line

You don’t get the control of a step sequencer, but in exchange, you get a lot to play around with and loads of inspiration.

Ease (4)
Intelligence (5)
Extras (5)
Gossip (4)



Instant drum patterns. You don’t need to input any rhythms – each instrument comes with its own set of up to 20 rhythms. Mix and match up to 24 at a time.



Even though you can’t create the rhythms from scratch, it is surprising how close you can get to the exact feel and sound you want, thanks to the genius concept behind this app.



The undo and redo buttons are extremely helpful! You can randomize the rhythms and the instruments at any time for inspiration. The background function means it keeps playing while you switch to other apps.



People seem to love this app, but some boring people say it should have more conventional drum sounds in the loop bank.

Musician's Note

The interface is great for “playing” live. The 150+ preset patterns sound awesome, with the majority of them having a world-music flare. The ethnic instruments and their accompanying graphics give this app lots of personality. You can play a wide selection of drum kits with the live drum pads, however you can’t overdub your live parts into an existing pattern. You can also create a drum track. Here’s how I do it: I find a few preset patterns I like, tweak them so they are just right for my song, and save them. Then I hit record and play through the whole song using all my cool patterns. I can email my track to my band-mates or use it to rehearse or perform with. This app is a little bit like Garage Band’s smart drummer in the way you place the images on the edit window, and move them around to make the rhythmic patterns change.