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February 1st, 2015 | by

app review: EarWizard by Wizdom Music


What it Does

EarWizard is an App designed to help train your ear while improving your memory skills. It is presented like a game and with increasing levels of difficulty.

The Bottom Line

EarWizzard looks great, however it doesn't entirely deliver on its aim of improving your ear training.

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Intelligence (3)
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The App is simple to use and it is unlikely you will need to read the instructions to get started. The design of the navigation for the level menus will look familiar anyone who has played Angry Birds and the App runs smoothly.



It is randomised so that no level is exactly the same if you fail it and have to start again - or just want to try a level again for the fun of it. You can select different instrumental sounds to play the notes if you get bored of the sound of the default piano and there is a speed control if you want to quickly get through the early levels.



The app comes with some free levels so you can get a feel of it, however they are all very simple ones and it does not really give you enough of a feel for what the more advanced levels would be like if you pay to unlock them.



Currently there are not many user ratings or reviews of the App.

Musician's Note

After using the App for a while it was hard to work out if it was actually training my ears at all, as it felt closer to a memory exercise than any ear training exercise I had done previously. I also felt the free levels that came with the App were unlikely to inspire many to purchase the full version as I did not really feel like I was improving my pitch and interval perception from completing the level.


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