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September 27th, 2014 | by

app review: Funk Box by Synthetic Bits


What it Does

Full-featured vintage drum machine collection with preset patterns and a step sequencer.

The Bottom Line

Some drum machines allow you to customize everything whereas others create everything for you. This app does a reasonable job of giving you the best of both worlds.

Ease (5)
Intelligence (3)
Extras (3)
Gossip (4)



You can have up to 36 customized drum patterns in any given project and jump from one to the other with one touch. You can easily overdub new parts into an existing pattern by playing the live touch pad.



This app is brilliantly compact and packs a lot of functionality into just two main screens. But there are trade-offs. For example, you can’t see all 32 steps and all the instruments at the same time.



You can add a bass line to your drum pattern via midi and another iOS app or synth. You can’t save songs or song lists, just banks of patterns.



People seem to love this quirky and cool app, except for a few perfectionists who want more control over more parameters.

Musician's Note

It was super easy to get started on this app. At any given moment there are 12 drum patterns one click away and 24 more patterns two clicks away. I love how easy it is to overdub a new part into an existing pattern with the live touch pads. The step sequencer is somewhat compact, but gives you the added control to create you own patterns. I was a bit disappointed that you can’t individually set the volume of a particular instrument in a specific step. Also, you can’t name individual patterns you create, only the entire bank of presets.