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August 23rd, 2015 | by

app review: Fusic


What it Does

Create a mash-up cover video of yourself singing karaoke style, lip-syncing duets by integrating yourself into the original music clip.

The Bottom Line

Fusic is designed as a fun way to show-off to the word, however its appeal is more likely limited to teenagers and non-serious musicians.

Ease (5)
Intelligence (4)
Extras (3)
Gossip (4)



The app is well deigned and simple to use. It requires a Facebook or Twitter account to log-in, however this integration then helps when you want to share your video online.



Fusic is a unique idea that is well implemented. It allows you to show off your singing to a backing track; however if you can't sing you can simply make a video miming to the original recording. You can then "fuse" your video with the original music video to create your finished clip to show to your friends.



As well as sharing your video with your friends, you can enter your video into competitions on the Fusic website to win prizes.



User reviews of the app are generally positive, although some users wished for a greater amount of non-pop music to be included.

Musician's Note

Fusic is a well-made app that is fun and makes good use of social network integration. That said, it is probably something that will have a much greater appeal to the younger generation and non-professional musicians, as the main aim of the app seems to be more about showing off than about vocal talent – especially as it’ll even let your make a video miming.


  • petecigaro

    Facebook or twitter? Nope..not happening.