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May 29th, 2015 | by

app review: History of Rock and Roll


What it Does

A collection of information on the people and events that shaped American rock history.

The Bottom Line

Useful collection of important facts on American rock history.

Ease (2)
Intelligence (4)
Extras (3)
Gossip (3)



The grey background didn’t display correctly, which made the white text difficult to read. The quiz function didn’t work and crashed the app. The timeline, analytic lens and bios worked well.



This is a handy collection of rock trivia. The app reduces what could be an endless ocean of information into a highly condensed history. Some may feel it only skims the surface.



There are no pictures or audio examples. The analytic lens function provides valuable insight into issues including gender, race and economy, and how they influenced rock history.



It is almost impossible to find any user comments for this app. The apps contents are available on the Schmoop website (see link below) so maybe people go there instead of using the app.

Musician's Note

The app didn’t work perfectly for me, so I went to the Schmoop website, and discovered that Schmoop is an organization that tries to make learning fun and effective for students. What a great idea! I really like how they try to bring important facts and insight to students in a creative way.
Because I don’t know a lot about rock history, this app is actually perfect for me. It is a great place to start, and I especially liked the analysis sections, which give a deeper insight into important issues – way beyond just the dates and names.
Rock enthusiasts may find the facts too condensed, and I can almost hear the complaints: “How could they leave out “x” or “y”!?”