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January 25th, 2015 | by

app review: InTune by Wittenberg University


What it Does

A brilliantly simple listening game that tests (and improves!) pitch discernment.

The Bottom Line

Not only is it fun, but it is also a unique opportunity to hone a vital musical skill.

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The app is so simple, you can start playing within a couple of seconds.



This is one of those apps that actually works - you really will develop more finely tuned hearing if you play this.



You can compete with others on game center and select a few different game modes, but it would be great if you could go back and hear the ones you got wrong.



People seem to love this app especially since they can see their score improve over time.

Musician's Note

Where else can you repeatedly listen to minuscule pitch differences and find out instantly if you heard them correctly? What a fantastic tool. My score got better and better until I was able to hear the difference between two pitches that were only 0.88% of a semitone apart! Do you know how subtle that is? They practically sound like the same pitch! There is no question, I am better at tuning my guitar now. The difference between the two pitches you hear can get infinitely small. This means the better you get, the harder the game becomes. Audio geeks and musical perfectionists could easily become addicted to this game. Singers may wonder if they will sing more in tune after playing this game. The fact is, no app can promise that. You may be good at comparing two pitches in this game, but matching your own voice to multiple external pitches throughout a song is quite another matter. Nope, this game can’t promise you a Grammy Award, but it will absolutely help you develop a more discerning ear—a skill vital to all musicians.


  • Shea Bennett-Callen

    When do you expect a droid version?