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June 28th, 2015 | by

app review: Jazz Daily


What it Does

An introduction to jazz history through interesting facts and audio examples.

The Bottom Line

Not recommended until the developers have fixed the bugs.

Ease (2)
Intelligence (3)
Extras (1)
Gossip (1)



Looks great, easy to follow, but kept crashing when I tried to play audio examples. I was able to read all the facts, and see the pictures.



A brilliant idea for an app, but I couldn’t use all its features.



Crashing issues make this app only partly useable.



No one appears to be using this app and the developer hasn’t updated it in a couple years.

Musician's Note

I was really excited about this app, but it kept crashing and I couldn’t use all its features. I would love to try it again, if the developer fixes it up.

What got me interested is that the app doles out just one piece of jazz history per day. I looked forward to learning the most significant jazz facts and jazz songs without drowning in an endless sea of too-much detail. I also love that the app doesn’t require me to know complicated musical terms and will provide recordings to accompany all the info.