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August 1st, 2015 | by

app review: Learn To Sing


What it Does

A learn-to-sing app based on pitch-matching exercises.

The Bottom Line

Sure it’s free, and you may get better at awkwardly matching pitches, but this app is way off the mark.

Ease (2)
Intelligence (1)
Extras (1)
Gossip (3)



It’s easy to get going on your singing exercises, but you get no time reference, nasty latency and inconsistent pitch reference. This makes even skilled singers flail around like your drunk uncle at a family Christmas party.



Here is what the developers must have said: Let’s create a music app, but let’s leave out things that aren’t that important … like timing and a beat, for example.



The piano guide it gives you for the “siren” exercise would make a commodore 64 from 1987 sound like the zenith of sampling technology.



About 30% of user reviews are negative. Some people love the app and say they improved within 20 minutes.

Musician's Note

Listen, app developers: Just because you have a run-of-the-mill pitch recognition algorithm, it doesn’t mean you can help people learn to sing.
Sure, the app is free, and could be fun as an amusing game to embarrass your friends. You claim to help people learn to sing, when what you really do is make people match pitches in an unmusical and awkward way.