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March 20th, 2015 | by

app review: Lucky Voice Karaoke


What it Does

Lucky Voice Karaoke is a karaoke App with a large database of great sounding backing tracks that come complete with easy to follow on-screen lyrics.

The Bottom Line

If you want some good quality backing tracks to perform with, or you just want to have a karaoke party, Lucky Voice Karaoke is definitely worth trying out.

Ease (5)
Intelligence (5)
Extras (3)
Gossip (4)



Lucky Voice is very easy to use and you can quickly search and build up playlists of songs that you want to sing. You can also browse through the most popular tracks in different genres if you need some inspiration.



It has an attractive visual interface and runs smoothly. It also incorporates Apple Airplay functionality, so you can sync to your screen to Apple TV for better quality sound and vision.



It is designed just to be a karaoke App for use in conjunction with a separate microphone and PA system (or you can just sing a capella along with your smartphone); as such, it does not offer any of the extras some Apps do such as vocal effects.



The App has generally positive reviews and users have praised the improvements brought by regular updates.

Musician's Note

When installing the App, I was immediately impressed by how well the developers concept has been thought out and implemented. Lucky Voice Karaoke uses a subscription based payment system that lets you have access to their full library of tracks for as little as 24 hours with no further payments necessary. It is attractively designed, easy to use, and offers enough of a range of tracks to even be used in a professional karaoke setting.