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April 3rd, 2015 | by

app review: Music Tutor


What it Does

A musical notation flash-card game.

The Bottom Line

A handy and fun way to help you memorize the ABC’s of music notation.

Ease (5)
Intelligence (4)
Extras (4)
Gossip (3)



Just push start and then try to identify the notes as you see them. You get a score after every round.



It is a super-simple, random-fire, note-naming game for kids or adults. It feels unnatural to see notes across four octaves, when you have only one octave from which to select your answers.



You can have sound on or off and select clef, range and duration of play. Not a lot of extras, but you can review your mistakes, which helps with learning.



Many say this app helped them improve their note-recognition. Some have asked for tenor and alto clef, and some say the ads are annoying in the free version.

Musician's Note

When I clicked start in this app, I saw exactly what I wanted to see: a sequence of graphics randomly showing all the notes of the musical staff including leger lines, bass clef, treble clef as well as sharps and flats. I am always happy when a training app lets you review your mistakes. I noticed I was a little slow on the leger lines but improved after three plays. I wanted to see if I could increase my score, and then see how I ranked on Game Center (45,085th!).

As someone who reads music, I found it unnatural to have only an octave range to input my answers, when the notes being shown to me spanned 4 octaves. I also found it confusing that the clef keeps randomly changing (although you can set it to treble only or bass only if you want). Despite my slight annoyance at these aspects of the app, I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game. The ads (which you can remove with an in-app purchase) are quiet intrusive and pop up every time you finish a round or make any selections. You have to click to close the ads.