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September 13th, 2015 | by

app review: Provocalz


What it Does

This app helps you practice singing; you can create your own library of singing exercises and then arrange then into a routine that suits you.

The Bottom Line

Provocalz is an app that could be great, but falls slightly short of its ambitions.

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The interface is clear and easy to navigate. Each exercise has a detailed description and a demo to help you perform it correctly.



There is a good range of exercies available and the app runs smoothly. It cannot give you any feedback on your performance however, and on my iPad it didn't stretch to fill the full-screen.



The app comes with very few free exercises and it is fairly expensive to buy additional ones.



Reviews of the app are quite mixed with several negative user reviews amongst the positive ones.

Musician's Note

Provocalz has the feel of an App that is more designed around in-app purchases than anything else. It’s biggest flaw in this respect however, is that it does not give enough away for free to make you feel that it is worth spending any money on these. There are a few technical glitches when using it on different devices and it faces a lot of competition from better designed vocal exercise apps.