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December 7th, 2014 | by

app review: Sing Sharp, Learn to Sing


What it Does

This gamified "learn to sing" training App helps you learn, practice and train your voice with your iOS device.

The Bottom Line

Sing Sharp, Learn to Sing is one of the best apps for warming-up and training your voice.

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As well as being visually appealing, the interface is very clear and intuitive to use. Different sections are clearly labeled and you can start using the App without the need to read any instructions or guides first.



The App tracks your singing throughout your warmups and songs and displays your note accuracy in real-time as you perform. This is done in a way that is not overly distracting, but useful as a visual aid if you start to lose your way or are unsure of what is coming next.



The App also includes a useful vocal range detector which you can use to ensure you do the warmups in a register that is comfortable. The free version of the App comes with a limited (yet still useful) number of exercises and songs; however for £6.99 you can get an annual membership to unlock all the features.



Sing Sharp, Learn to Sing has generally positive user reviews with users claiming how much it has helped their singing or made warming up before a gig easier.

Musician's Note

I was generally impressed with the Sing Sharp, Learn to Sing App. It looks great and works great. Unlike many free versions of commercial apps, there is a good range of features that may be all you need; however to get the full power and usefulness of the App if is worth paying for the full version. It is a shame that this has to be done on a subscription basis however and you can’t just simply buy the App; but this does allow the costs to be kept fairly low and for future developments to persist. It is worth noting that the app is only currently available on iOS devices.


  • Love to sing

    Read your great article and immediately downloaded Sing Sharp! Wow it is really impressive like you said!!

    I never thought I could learn to sing like this… from an app on my phone, and I can practice anytime I want. And it’s free. I think I’m going to pay to join their membership. It’s a little fraction of what one singing session cost.

    I really want to sing Shake It Off and I Dreamed A Dream!
    Thank you Voice Council for this great find!!

  • Celena Hazleton

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    Even just after a week of following the lessons I could see a massive improvement and now just over a year later, my voice has been completely transformed to the point that I have joined an alt rock band called ‘Sleeping Souls’(shameless plug lol) and perform at gigs all the time now!

    These lessons are not just for people who consider themselves as beginners, they work fantastic for all sorts of singing ability levels and apply to every different genre of music (whether you are interested in classical, jazz, rock, pop etc). Anyway if you are interested in learning to sing or just generally improve your voice with professional advice, check out that website. I’m sorry if I have rambled with my comment here but just wanted to share some advice to fellow musicians & singers out there

  • René Jensen

    This is cool. Are there a program for windows that can do similar things?