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May 22nd, 2015 | by

app review: SingTrue


What it Does

SingTrue is an app that claims it can teach anybody to sing in perfect tune. Even if you think you're tone deaf!

The Bottom Line

SingTrue is a great app for both beginners and more advanced singers who want to learn how to sing and improve their ear training.

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The app guides you though every stage and is very straightforward to use. There are visual clues showing you where you have gone wrong with each exercise as you go through them as well as a review section at the end.



Everything within the app works smoothly and is well thought out. It is able to work with all types of voice and the exercises start very easy get progressively difficult as you pass each test.



As well as focusing on your ability to sing, the app also has exercises to help your pitch perception and theory in order to make you a better all-round singer.



User reviews of the app are very positive, with comments such as the app "has really helped me to boost my confidence and my singing ability."

Musician's Note

The app is split into three distinct sections: Train Your Ears, Train Your Mind, and Train Your Voice. You can chose to focus on a particular category to work on, or swap between them for a more varied practice session. Although the app starts out very basic (which is great if you do not know anything about singing or music theory), it does get more advanced as you progress, making it useful for more experienced singers. By turning singing practice into a game, it makes working on improving your vocal abilities fun as well as offering structure to your rehearsals. The app cannot offer all the support and guidance of a professional singing teacher, however the app if useful if this is not and option as well as complimenting what you learn in singing lessons.