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September 27th, 2014 | by

app review: Smule Sing! Karaoke


What it Does

This App allows you to sing along with your favourite songs.

The Bottom Line

Sing! Karaoke is one of the best karaoke Apps out there however you need to take into account the extra cost of a VIP subscription if you want to get the most out of it.

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The App is very easy to use. Simply select the song you want to sing and it will count you in and display the lyrics as the track goes along. One you have performed a song, you have the option of hearing yourself back afterwards.



The interface is very visual and there are pop-up messages to guide you through the App and offer advice as you go. One slight issue however is there is a slight delay (latency) between what you sing and what you hear back with the effects, which can cause you to sing out of time.



The App comes with one free song (you can chose one from a selection), if you want any more (which you will) you need to pay for a "VIP" subscription to get access to all of their backing tracks. You can also get free credits towards purchasing songs by watching videos or "liking" them on Facebook, however this is fairly time consuming.



Reviews of the App are largely positive, however some users are frustrated by the range of backing tracks on offer.

Musician's Note

Smule’s Sing! Karaoke has a great interface and great sound quality, however unless you are willing to pay for a VIP subscription it is very limited. I also found the latency fairly frustrating as there was a noticable delay between singing and what was heard back through my iPad. This was made worse when adding more processer intensive vocal effects such as auto-tune, which made it almost impossible to sing in time if being used during a performance. Putting this to one side, the App is well thought out and a lot of people would no doubt find it a lot of fun to play with. It even has the option of doing a duet with someone else who also has the App if you don’t want to sing by yourself.


  • Dac006

    On ipad its ok in time with music when recording however on my samsung pad i sing in time and tone but when played back the singing lags behind the music so a waste of time recording on android.. more song selection on android than ipad is a bit strange as youd think it woukd be the same database of music

  • icha

    So android make delay between the voice and music? But, my friends (andro user) haven’t lag while recording it… why :(

  • Rob Williams

    Will a tc helicon v alter my voice then put it through this app or do I have to settle with smules six vocal fx?

  • Kaushik Das

    every time i record a song with thiz software and play…therez a vocal syncing problem..kindly fix..:(


    I am using the smule sing karoke app but for one week there is a complaint for not matching the vocals and lyrics music of any song. I am disappointing. Please rectify the prolem. Rajenderprasad57

  • Zayn Kashmiri

    having same problem its annoying

  • Zayn Kashmiri

    since last 6 days I could not sing coz having a problem with vocals music its totly disturb plzz do something and help me give me the solution how can I fix it ? :(

  • simon

    Billing predators 2nd time in my life ive been charged for an unwanted service. Smule – u SUCK !

  • Angela Whitworth

    They’ve taken nearly £100 from me and Apple say there is nothing they can do!

  • Jackie

    I have been billed $7.99 a week since Sept 2017 through PayPal. That is over $300. This is a predatory app which offers children a “free” 7 day trial before they bill $7.99 a week for the use. The owners of this app know that parents forget their kids have signed up and charging $7.99 a week is ludicrous. iTunes gave me the maximum refund that was allowed, which was 10 weeks but I am still out $240. Just sent a note to the app developers demanding a refund.