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May 8th, 2015 | by

app review: The Singing Coach


What it Does

The Singing Coach is a singing game that detects your pitch accuracy as you sing and scores your performance.

The Bottom Line

Currently this is an underdeveloped piece of software and there are a lot of better Apps out there that do the same thing.

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While the interface is easy enough to use, there are aspects of the App that do not work properly: the target notes do not perfectly match the tunes for example, so if you want to get a perfect score you would have to sing to the notes on the screen, not the notes in the backing track.



The pitch tracking is not particularly accurate and fails to work with lower male voices - forcing me to sing entire songs falsetto for it to correctly detect the pitch.



The App comes with just 4 songs you can perform. There appears to be a facility to add your own custom songs; however I was unable to get this to work.



There are currently not enough reviews of the App to give an overall rating.

Musician's Note

The App claims it aims to “evaluate the efficacy of the real-time interactive and self-learning mechanism for improving players’ intonation and timing, which are the most essential techniques in singing.” In reality, it feels like an unfinished App that should have been tested and developed more before releasing.


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