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September 20th, 2015 | by

app review: The Voice: On Stage


What it Does

A karaoke app that let’s you sing, record and share hit pop songs – where YOU are the star.

The Bottom Line

If love all the current pop hits, this is one of the better karaoke apps despite being a little clunky on android.

Ease (3)
Intelligence (5)
Extras (4)
Gossip (3)



This is an easy app to use, but the latency is such that no matter how well you sing, your voice will always sound a little behind on the recording. The pop up ads are incredibly intrusive.



This app is a winner for those who love current pop songs. It also wins for being fun and motivating. You always have the option of turning up the guide vocal, so it is easy to learn any new song.



It has a seriously impressive library of hit pop songs, but to access them you must either earn coins, or pay real money. You can share and save your recordings, use the auto-tune feature and create videos if your device has a front-facing camera.



People love the app, but there are some who say the android version is not as good as the iOS version.

Musician's Note

I sing professionally, and I rarely sing songs from the pop genre, which means I am often embarrassed by my LACK of knowledge of current pop songs! This app solves that – they are all here! Maroon 5, Megan Trainor, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars and the list goes on – I was seriously impressed that they got all the rights to such current, huge hits.

This was the most fun I’ve had on an app in a while. Hearing a recording of yourself is one of the best ways to improve your singing, so the fact that the app records you is great for learning.

I am glad I can turn OFF auto tune, which in this app is incredibly clunky. Beginners and T-Payne lovers will get a kick out of hearing their pitch-corrected, robotic-sounding voice, but I can’t stand it.

I can control the volume of the guide vocal, which means I crank it up to learn songs I don’t know, and turn it down when I’m on my way. The quality of the backing tracks is commendable and it was surprisingly motivating when the judges’ chairs turned around (I never got more than three chairs to turn around, however!).

The pitch assessment annoys me, because it locks you in to singing a song exactly the way Miley or Bruno sang it, and penalizes you for singing it differently – even if you sound great. To be fair, copying another artist precisely is a great exercise in vocal discipline, even it does squash your own expression.

Remember, the app can’t measure your passion or how clear your words are or a hundred other things that matter. All pitch-detecting singing apps suffer from this problem, so I should really stop whining about it.

Despite my hang-ups I must admit, of all the karaoke apps I have tried, I like this one the best.

The latency (a small delay) is pretty nasty, but you only notice it when you hear your recording and wonder why your vocal seems to always hit the note a little late. You also notice it when you watch the bar that is your voice and you see that it registers your note half a second after you sang it. There is always a bit of latency in these kinds of apps, but on this one, it seems a smidge worse than average. Judging by the user comments, the latency issue is much better in the iOS version. This latency issue may prevent you from ever getting all four judges to turn around.