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March 28th, 2015 | by

app review: Tunemio


What it Does

Tunemio lets you practice your singing or playing with all your favourite artists on iTunes - as well as record rough demos and add audio effects to your voice.

The Bottom Line

Tunemio has an attractive interface and some good functions; however it is fairly expensive and there are other similar Apps available that offer more.

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Tunemio is easy to get started with and contains plenty of tips to guide you through its features - neatly ties in the the iTunes store for adding new backing tracks.



Tunemio provides a set of easy to use vocal effects that you can use to improve the results and help eliminate any environmental issues from your recordings.



Tunemio can be used with vocals and instruments, and you can practice and re-record the tough parts of a song over and over again and hear how you are improving.



There are currently not enough user reviews of the App to judge if other singers are finding it useful.

Musician's Note

When I first downloaded Tunemio I was hoping I could properly try out all its features a bit more before buying the full version. This was not really possible, however, as it only includes one ready-to-use backing track and any others will need to be individually purchased from the iTunes store, which can get quite expensive. It also does not automatically get the lyrics for the song you have bought like other similar Apps do. The free version of the software only lasts for 20 minutes and then you have the option of paying monthly or for the full version, meaning the software will not be of much use unless you are happy to pay for it.


See Tunemio’s website: www.tunemio.com

Find Tunemio on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/app/id849934448

  • Pete Mickelson

    As everyone knows, hearing how you sounded afterward on a recording is no way to learn. Proper learning (and faster learning) takes place when you hear yourself with HearFones in “real time.” And I suspect the price is a bit less, too.